NURS 4620: Women’s Health and Women’s Health Movements: Critical Perspectives (Winter 2016)

The overall goal of this course is to develop students’ critical awareness of social and structural influences affecting women's health/health care. The course is influenced by a health promotion approach to women’s health with a particular exploration of the concept of gender-transformative health promotion. The social determinants of women’s health are examined. An intersectional approach toward analysing gendered health disparities and access barriers to health care are considered.

NURS 5155: Women’s Mental Health (Fall 2015)

This hybrid course focuses on women’s mental health and wellbeing. Women’s mental health will be considered at international and national (Canada) levels. Focus will be on the intersections of social determinants of health with identity markers influencing women’s mental health.

NURS 6200: Major Research Project (Fall 2010)

The Major Research Project (MRP) provides students with an opportunity to carry out nursing scholarly inquiry in collaboration with a faculty supervisor. Students present their scholarly project to faculty and peers. Concurrent participation in the Expressions of Nursing Scholarship colloquium (NURS 6300) is required. School of Nursing, York University.

NURS 6300: Expressions of Nursing Scholarship Colloquium (Summer 2017)

This required non-credit course is offered online. Participants have opportunities to discuss their progress in the Major Research Project. Co-requisite NURS 6200. (on-line forum). (Fall 2010: Course facilitator for two weeks). School of Nursing, York University.

NURS 5200: Qualitative Research Methods in Nursing Science (Fall & Winter 2017)

This on-line course focuses on the conceptual, ethical, methodological, and interpretive dimensions of qualitative nursing research. Emphasis is on the ontological-methodological link in the research process. Qualitative nursing research methods are analyzed and critiqued at a novice level.