International Network on Youth Integration (INYI)

The INYI is an international network for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Activities of the Network includes, amongst others:

  1. An exchange of information about members’ and other’s publications
  2. Organization of Visiting Scholar/Post-doctoral exchanges between members’ institutions
  3. Collaboration on new proposals (with different members of the INYI taking the lead, depending upon source of funding and research focus)
  4. Collaboration on workshops/presentations at international conferences.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for publication in the INYI Journal, kindly see our Guidelines for manuscript submissions.


CALL FOR PAPERS FOR SPECIAL ISSUE: Impacts of Human and Natural Disasters: Experiences of trauma by individuals, families, and communities

The INYI Journal is seeking submissions on the impacts of “natural” disasters (e.g., earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis) and/ or “human-made” disasters (e.g., wars, economic collapse, environmental climate crisis), on experiences of trauma by individuals, families, and communities, and across multiple domains (e.g., mental health, physical health, identities, economic, political). We invite descriptive, analytical, and reflective manuscript submissions on: i) how these disasters impact individuals and communities; ii) the effects of disaster exposure at multiple levels; and iii) types of policies/ programs that support citizens following disasters.

See the Call for Papers for details: INYI Journal Call for Papers on Trauma_Disasters.May2023b


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