Office of Women's Health Research Chair in Mental Health

As the inaugural Chair, since 2008, Dr. Nazilla Khanlou has set-up and led the Office of Women’s Health Research Chair in Mental Health at York University.

The Office aims to promote community-based research on women’s mental health and well-being. We focus on identifying risk factors related to marginalized populations, and promote community-based approaches, prioritizing the involvement of community members in research.

Our goals are to:

  1. Conduct interdisciplinary scholarship toward enhancing the mental health of Ontario’s and Canada’s women, children and youth
  2. Develop new models of faculty-student and faculty-faculty collaboration on scholarly initiatives
  3. Contribute to York University’s Faculty of Health’s advancement and initiatives from local to global levels.

We are pleased to share with you KT outcomes of our ongoing project titled “COVID-19 PANDEMIC GUIDELINES FOR MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT OF RACIALIZED WOMEN AT RISK OF GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE” (CIHR Knowledge Synthesis- 2020)


York University Knowledge Webinar: Mothering In The Academia During A Pandemic


6th Lillian Meighan Wright Maternal-Child Health Learning Academy

New Publications and New Releases